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Leucanthemum x 'Silver Princess'
Common name   Shasta daisy
Hardiness Zone   5 to 9
Sun   Full sun (only)
Soil   Dry to medium moisture
Flower color   White/yellow center
Bloom Time   June - September
Height   12 - 15"

General Culture:
Easily grown in average, dry to medium wet, well-drained soil in full sun. Tolerates light shade in hot climates. Remove spent flower heads to promote additional bloom. Divide clumps every 2-3 years to maintain vigor.
Noteworthy Characteristics:
This Shasta daisy cultivar is a compact, dwarf plant which typically grows on rigid stems to 12" tall. Features 2.5" diameter flower heads with the classic white rays and yellow center disks and coarsely-toothed, lance-shaped, medium green leaves. Stems do not require staking. Blooms most of the summer. Excellent and long-lasting fresh cut flower. Formerly included in the genus Chrysanthemum.
No serious insect or disease problems. Some susceptibility to verticillium wilt, leaf spots and stem rots. Aphids, mites and leaf miners are occasional visitors.
Shasta daisies are a mainstay of the perennial border or cutting garden and provide long-lasting summer and early fall bloom. This dwarf is particularly suitable for border fronts where it will provide profuse bloom for up to three months.