J C PLANTS LLC Telford, Pennsylvania
Telephone: (267) 371 - 3050


What size are your plants?
We are currently growing plants in two and three gallon pots (trade size pots).
Do you sell wholesale?
This website is setup as an aid to ordering for retail and wholesale customers.
Wholesale discounts are available to wholesale customers who present a valid sales tax exemption form. Please inquire for more details.

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Miscanthus CabaretDeschampsia caespitosa Astilbe DeutschlandDigitalis MertonensisMiscanthus Dixieland
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Festuca Elijah BlueAstilbe FanalMiscanthus GracillimusGaillardia Goblin

Contact us for support or more information: jcplants@hotmail.com

Sedum Autumn JoyHosta HalcyonRudbeckia Goldsturm