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Carex morrowi 'Ice Dance'
Common name   variegated japanese sedge
Hardiness Zone   5 - 9
Sun   part shade
Soil   Medium to wet
Flower color   Light brown
Bloom time   June - July
Height   10 - 12 in
Spread   1 - 2'

General Culture:

Easily grown in medium wet to wet soil in part shade to full shade. Leaf color richer in shade than in sun. Thrives in moist soil, but also does well in average garden soil. Soil must not be allowed to dry out. Cut to the ground in late winter. May benefit from a winter mulch.

Noteworthy Characteristics:
A dense, spreading sedge rising to 12" tall which is grown for its foliage effect. Features grass-like, stiff leaves (1/2" wide to 12" long) which are dark green in the center with clean white borders. The moderate spreading habit of this sedge (most sedges are clump-forming) facilitates covering woodland areas with it. Brownish flowers in late spring are insignificant.
No serious insect or disease problems.
With regular watering, may be massed or grouped in the woodland garden or border. Also may be grown in low spots or along ponds or streams. Combine with other shade loving plants such as hostas in a moist, shady border.