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Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Overdam'
Common name   Feather reed grass (variegated)
Hardiness Zone   4 - 8
Sun   Full sun (only)
Soil   Medium to wet
Flower color   Pinkish green
Bloom time   July - February
Height   2.5 to 3 feet

General Culture:
Easily grown in average, medium wet to wet soil in full sun. Does well in heavy clay soils, unlike many of the other ornamental grasses. Prefers moist, rich soils which do not dry out. Blooms in light shade, and appreciates some light afternoon shade in hot summer climates. Best foliage variegation usually occurs in cool northern climates. Cut clumps to the ground in late winter just before the new shoots appear. This grass will not self-seed in the garden because seeds are sterile.
Noteworthy Characteristics:
'Overdam' is a hybrid (C. arundinacea x C. epigejos) feather reed grass cultivar which is valued for its variegated foliage, early bloom, vertical lines and ability to grow in wet soils. It is a slowly-spreading, clump-forming, cool season ornamental grass which features a compact, erect, slightly arching, slender foliage clump (to 1' tall and 2' wide) of stiff, narrow leaves variegated with rich green and white stripes. Leaves produce little fall color, eventually turning tan in winter. In June, tightly-vertical flower stalks rise above the foliage to 3' tall bearing narrow inflorescences of feathery, pinkish-green flowers which turn golden as the seeds mature in summer and eventually tan. Clumps generally provide good continuing winter interest. Similar to Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' except 'Overdam' clumps are more compact and foliage is variegated.
No serious insect or disease problems.
Mass, group or specimen. Excellent vertical accent for borders and for narrow spaces in the landscape. Also effective in moist low spots or on pond/stream banks.